All started with ship models

I was around 10 years old when I made my first self-designed ship model. It was built from toothpicks, and its shape was mostly determined […]

11 meters tourist boat

This job was one of my first freelance boat design and visualization works. The task is to refine the interior and exterior design details, and […]

Electric catamaran concept

Interior design and rendering for a catamaran hull. Three different superstructure for thee different function. A common feature is the semi-transparent solar panel design, wich […]

Young Designer of The Year 2022

BOAT International’s Young Designer of The Year 2022 was my first time I participated at the competition. The task was to design a 65 meters […]

R-boat “Pirate”

This was also a free-timer project. I wanted to make a model of a classical shape sailboat and I found the blueprints of this boat. […]

Prins Willem east indiaman

My passion to make models of old sailboats continued in the virtual workspace also. As a free-time project I made this model of the dutcht […]

Faucet design

As a university project our task was to design a faucet, with all the mechanical parts and sealings. It was a great experince, where the […]