Quick impressions:

  • Self-designed sailboat models sice age of 10
  • Member of Mensa Organization
  • Started university at age of 17
  • Bsc this year from industrial product design
  • Internships in 2021-22 at reputable Hungarian boat design studio
  • Sailboat repair worker in 2020
  • 3D modeling – Working with Blender since age of 14
  • Finalist of BOAT International’s Young Designer of the Year 2023

I am Benedek Kállai, a boat enthusiast technical university student with strong 3D skills. Since I have overperformed the school requirements I could start my university studies earlier so I am in the last (fourth) year of Industrial Design Engineer BSC studies at Budapest Technical University.

My passions since my childhood are boats- especialy sailboats- and modeling.
I started to work around with modeling at age of 10, with self-planned ship models assembled by hand from scrap and plywood. As I improved my skills, I decided to become a yacht-, especially sail yacht designer. At the university, the wooden ship models were followed by virtual 3D models. At this point my interest opened to 3D modeling at general.

To gain experience and get a chance to became part of the yachting industry from a landlocked country, I participated the Boat International’s Young Designer of The Year competition two times. This year my work has qualified among the best six. With this, I am the first Hungarian finalist in the history of the award. Another young designer was selected to be winner at the Superyacht Design Festival 2023 in Cortina’d Ampezzo, Italy, but I gained valuable experience and connections to the industry.

Now I am doing an internship at HotLab boat design studio, Milan.