BOAT International’s Young Designer of The Year 2023 was the second time I participated at the competition. The annual task was to design a 88m motor sailer, for a fashion designer owner. She wanted her yacht to be able to host fashion shows as well as to be suitable for pleasure needs. She wanted also a dressmaking atelier and design room.

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Owner’s suite


In the design process, a key concept was to represent the prêt-à-porter mentality. The
usability and practice were so forged with the style that the result became a liveable,
comfortable, and elegant yacht. Its clear lines integrate classical and modern shapes
into a coherent complex.
One main goal was to reduce the ecological footprint of the yacht as much as possible.
Therefore, large surfaces of solar panels were installed, and Darrius rotor type wind
turbines were designed to reach that. They have a special bearing system, so they can
fold down during fashion shows and other formal occasions. However, they can produce
sustainable energy while sailing or when the ship is at anchor. Their stability is provided
with support cables. When turned down, the turbines are covered with solar panels,
moved by hydraulic system.
The other important feature is the beach club. The multilevel design creates multiple
micro-environments, each supporting a different way of relaxation and pleasure. The
integrity of the whole is provided by the easy access between them via stairs and folding
The arrangement of the yacht is suitable for hosting fashion shows comfortably. A
dressing room is available on the main deck where the models can prepare for the
fashion gig. They can easily reach the catwalk by elevator. The sun deck is also able to
host a post-show buffet reception with a bar, some casual seating and free spaces for
the tables and guests. The guest stairway decoration’s central theme is fashion: On each
deck, vitrines show the owner’s former dress masterpieces.

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Beach deck

Side and sundeck

Fashion top

Solar + wind

Video tour

Visual tour

Gallery tour

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Front view

Back view

Beach club full view

Catwalk terrace – plain

Catwalk terrace – lift on

Club atmospehere

Club atmospehere

Beach Club atmosphere

Seagull view